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Talk about the need for Internet business

DateTime:2010-08-30 02:35        Source:joinwin

First: the Internet with text, pictures, colors, movies, three-dimensional, virtual reality, the function of all advertising media, through which customers can easily see the company profiles, product descriptions, service mode, address , and can add sound, pictures, animation and video information, to the true extremely rich, and thus establish a good corporate image.

Second: customer market and every corner of the world, whether you do not need to, you will find online customers are likely to come from all over the world. There is a provision of dehydrated vegetables in Northern company, product online, the actually received a few orders from foreign customers. Overnight, become the "international" company.

Third: to provide real-time business information, catalogs, advertising, marketing and so on. Many companies in order to update the ad content and product catalog, you need to spend a lot of printing costs and manpower, and the data once on the page, not only to immediately "come out" and began to be effective, but also to update, correct, save time, save big pen manpower and printing costs.

Fourth: advertising and marketing of low cost, compared with other advertising media, the Internet can be very low cost, compared to printed catalogs and TV ads, the cost is even more insignificant, and Internet advertising region of the world can extend each corner.

Fifth: the association between "sales service" of the operating costs, the traditional "sales service" is the way staff answer the phone, may cause human errors, delays in business opportunities. In the web page, carefully designed to provide the "Frequently Asked Questions", "commodity Note" and "User Guide" and other information so customers can save on your computer or print, is quick and convenient.

Sixth: advertising and marketing can facilitate the integration and order led to purchase intention. Online, purchase orders can be designed to allow customers to select the print order form, complete and return or direct line back, providing customers with faster, more direct buying channels.

Seventh: to provide advertising and services around the clock without having to increase spending. Web page maintenance and operation of the network services company, professional software designed for 24 hours between automatic processing of information, statistics, archives, not increase the company's own operations or personnel costs.

Eighth: No other traditional commercial media with the existing conflict or duplication, reducing waste. The commercial network is also meet the attention to privacy of those who do not want to take their wares to buy, the elderly or mobility disabilities and special needs of customers, thereby increasing the more business opportunities.

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